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Thiopental Sodium (Pentothal ®)

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Usual Diluents


Standard Dilutions   [Amount of drug] [Infusion volume] [Infusion rate]

Intermittent IV administration:
(2 to 5% solution is recommended) .
[1-2 grams] [50 ml] [As directed]
[5 grams][100-250ml][As directed]
[10 grams] [500 ml] [As directed]

Continuous infusion:
(0.2 to 0.4% solution is recommended ) .
[1 gram] [250 ml] or
[2 grams] [500ml]

Stability / Miscellaneous

EXP: 3 days (RT); 7 days(REF).

Onset: 30-60 seconds.
Duration: 10-30 minutes.
Ultra short acting barbiturate.

Given by slow intravenous administration only.

Anesthesia induction (adults): 3-5 mg/kg (2.5% solution) Maintenance: 25-100mg IV as needed.

Increased intracranial pressure: 1.5 to 5 mg/kg/dose; repeat as needed to control intra-cranial pressure.

Seizures: 75 to 250mg/dose. Repeat as needed. [case study: 250 mg IV bolus followed by 80-120 mg/hr.]

Thiopental – Pentothal ®