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Ear Possible therapeutic alternatives
External otitis (Swimmers ear)


Common pathogens
Cortisporin (Hydrocortisone,  polymyxin, neomycin): Instill 4 drops into the affected ear qid or  
Ofloxacin (Floxin otic): instill 10 drops into the affected ear bid or
Cipro HC Otic: Instill 3 drops into the affected ear bid for 7 days.  
Acute malignant
otitis externa
Common pathogens
Cipro 500-750mg po q12h or Cipro 400mg IVPB q12h or
Ceftazidime 1-2g IVPB q8h or Cefepime 2g IVPB q12h or Imipenem 500mg ivpb q6h
Otitis media: Common pathogens
Amoxicillin 250-500mg po q8h or 
Augmentin 500mg po tid or 875 mg bid or
Ceclor 250-500mg po q8h or
Cefzil 250-500mg po q12h or 
Ceftin 250-500mg po q12h or 
Lorabid 400mg po q12h or 
Moxifloxacin 400mg po q24h or 
Vantin 100-200mg po q12h or 
Cedex 400mg po qd 
Alternatives (Penicillin allergic): Bactrim  or  Clarithromycin or Zithromax.
Pain relief (Acute otitis media)
Auralgan ® Otic Solution:  Instill Auralgan permitting the solution to run along the wall of the canal until it is filled. Avoid touching the ear with dropper. Then moisten a cotton pledget with Auralgan and insert into meatus. Repeat every one to two hours until pain and congestion are relieved.


Otitis externa

Otitis Media