Aging in Place with smart home technology

Aging in place implies staying where you are in the later years of life. It is quite important today to ensure complete care of the seniors or elderly people who prefer this. Most of them prefer spending the later years of their life in their own home without selling it off. When it comes time to sell, smart home tech adds value to the home.

The busy schedule of the family members prevents them from looking after them all the time. So, the devices which aid in making the seniors independent have gained popularity.

Smart home technology for Aging in place:

There are numerous solutions that smart home has to offer which are quite beneficial for the seniors. It ensures their safety but some people may find it complicated owing to its tech-savviness. Here are some of the smart devices that support aging in place:

1. Sensi Smart Thermostat

This eliminates the difficulty of operating digital thermostats. Aging seniors can conveniently use it for regulating their room temperature as per their comfort. The device connects with the smart assistants such as Amazon Echo which they can control using voice.

Thus, they do not have to even push any button or go through any text on the thermostat screen to operate them. Other family members can use the mobile app for conveniently operating it.

2.WeMo Light Switch

When seniors live alone, or the caregivers are out for some work, lighting is quite essential to ensure that they do not fall. With this switch, they can control the lights as well as the small appliances through the app on their smartphone.

It is even possible to set a timer or else control them from outside. They can use the device with smart home assistants for controlling them through their voice.

3. Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Seniors can remain on the top of grocery shopping with these appliances. They can order the groceries from its doors directly, thus they do not have to visit the stores to get them. It has a voice technology that makes it much more convenient.

The device is capable of reading the recipes for elderly people who love cooking. Thus, they do not have to go through the small prints on the recipe books

4. MedMinder Pill Dispenser

MedMinder is a medication dispenser that brings peace of mind by letting the caregiver focus on other works. It can remind the seniors to take the medicine on time, so they do not miss any dose when the caregivers are not around. This resolves the issue of remembering everything as seniors often have difficulty in this.

It also prevents them from taking the wrong dose. The reminders occur in form of light flashes, audio cues, call or text messages. In case, they do not respond to the alerts, the caregivers get an alert subsequently to take the necessary steps.

5.Amazon Echo:

It is an excellent device which seniors can operate using voice commands to do numerous tasks. This includes playing music, reading books, making a call and everything else. People opting for aging in place can stay active and engaged with such a device as it provides them with all the necessary services.

6. Ring Video Doorbell

Safety is a primary concern for the seniors who live alone, so this device has been invented to resolve the issue. It enables a user to see, hear as well as a speak to the person who is at the door. The seniors can do this easily using a smartphone, tablet or PC, without opening the door. It is available in a range of color options.

7. Stove Guard CookStop

Leaving the stove on is not just a mistake that seniors are prone to but also other family members. This can be because of any reason. It needs to be avoided especially when elderly people are alone at home or they have some hearing issues.

The device turns the stove off when it remains on for a certain predetermined duration. Its settings can be adjusted with a secure key. There is an alarm sound when it is going to be switched off. A range of cooktop models is available for different kinds of stoves for purchasing.

Another product called FireAvert achieves the same goal of preventing home fires. FireAvert is plugged in behind your stove. On hearing the alarm sound, the device will shut off your stove, thus preventing the home fire.

8. Worx Landroid M

Elderly persons in the home have a mobility issue and cleaning the lawn is a huge concern for them But with this cordless lawn mower, they can easily accomplish the task without having to move around with the device. Artificial intelligence makes this possible. The device can reach even the narrow areas and clean them.

During the rainy seasons, it gets turned off and waits for the grass to dry up before resuming operations. In case of a low battery, it moves to the charging station on its own to remain operational.

9. Automatic Doors

Firms such as Affordable Adaptive solutions have come up with automatic door systems. This efficiently deals with the issue which aging homeowners face when they need to open the door using the conventional handles. They experience complete convenience with these doors as they slide side to side which eliminates their struggle in opening the doors.

10. Approach Wall Cabinet Lift

Elderly people find it difficult to reach the top of the cabinet shelf. Climbing the chairs or stools is quite dangerous for them especially when there is nobody in the house. So, the cabinet lift systems can be used to ensure better accessibility of the top shelves.

It does this by allowing a height adjustment of the cabinet up to 20 inches vertically. The cabinet lift shuts down automatically when something below it comes in contact with it. There are kitchen features such as cooktops as well as sinks which you can get with the device.