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Generating pop-up windows
Pop-up windows are great for showing additional information

These first three examples require a separate web page to be used as a pop-up.  
Example 1: Example 2:
Click for window

Example 3:

Source code for the first 3 examples: 

Similar to above, except pop-up window appears when you mouseover the  link. Must also create page beforehand. In this example the pop-up page is named 1.htm. You may name it anything you want.

Place your mouse over here

Source code for mouseover window


This script is for a single popup. Must click on link to see pop-up. Great for tips. Requires some knowledge of javascript.  (medium difficulty)
Benefit: no need to create page ahead of time.

Click for tip:   This window will popup when clicked...great for tips
Source code for above window:
 This script is for multiple windows. You can add as many statements as you need.  (Level: Highest difficulty). Examples are included.  These popup windows are generated dynamically.         Mouse over me..
All of these windows popup when the mouse passes over them
Source code for above examples:


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