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Tuition Savings Calculator - "Education IRA"

This calculator helps you to predict whether or not you are on track with your current savings program for your child's education.  It can provide estimates for up to 4 children all in the same table.  When you review the results, you will start to see the money being subtracted from your total savings when your first child begins college.   If there is sufficient funds, you will see reductions for four years in a row to cover the your first child's education costs. Many states now sponsor 529 plan savings programs. See www.collegesavings.org for more information.

Current Tuition Price / year
Tuition Inflation %
Investment Return %
Years Until First Child Starts College
Years Until Second Child Starts College
Years Until Third Child Starts College
Years Until Fourth Child Starts College
Current Savings
Annual Contribution to Savings
Contribution Inflation %
Marginal Tax Rate (0 for 529 or Coverdell) %
Use 99 for those children you don't plan on having!

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