Savings Calculators - how long to reach a million? Coffee, smoking and lunch calculators

Savings Calculators

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Savings, tuition, reach a million, and several fun calculators....
1. Savings Calculator - generates a nice table based on a few simple entries 
2. How long it will take to reach one million dollars?
3. Tuition Savings Calculator - compare your current savings rate, in addition the impact inflation has on college tuition costs.
4. Coffee Calculator: Break the Starbucks habit - Save a ton by brewing your own, contributing to the office coffee pool, or just stop drinking the stuff. 
5. Calculator: Save a fortune by not smoking -  Similar to my "lunch" calculator this lets you see how you can buy a nice vacation or even a new car if you stop smoking cigarettes every day.
6. Lunch Savings Calculator - It's amazing to see people who go out to eat lunch everyday, spending $4 to $10 for five days a week to eat. 
7. Gas Guzzling Calculator.  I just downsized my vehicle for those extra MPG's.... but others may not be so lucky.
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