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Aminoglycosides /Vancomycin Empiric Dosing

Aminoglycosides/ Vancomycin Calculator (Original calculator) Advanced Aminoglycoside - Vancomycin Multiple ke calculator new icon Advanced Pharmacokinetic Dosing

Dosing By Levels

Dosing by levels (Full) - Enter two levels and associated times Dosing by levels(quick) - Enter two levels and the time between levels Dosing by levels(SINGLE) - Vancomycin -single level analysis hot
  Non-Steady State kinetics now available  

Creatinine Clearance

CRCL - Adult - Multi-calc - Multiple clearance models calculated simultaneously hot CrCl - Pediatric - Three common pediatric clearance calculations calculated simultaneously Creatinine clearance - Unstable Renal Function MULTI-calc
Creatinine clearance -IDMS-traceable MDRD Study Equation Creatinine Clearance- Obese Patient (Salazar and Corcoran) Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemiology Collaboration (CKD-EPI) Calculatornew icon
  Creatinine Clearance - Multi-calc 2012 EDITION hot  

Heparin Dosing

Heparin Dosing Heparin Dosing- MC Dallas Hosp Heparin Dosing- Affinity Medical
  Heparin Dosing - Detroit VAMC  


APACHE II calculator Digoxin Dosing Calc Phenytoin Dosing Calc
  Renal Dosing Protocols Warfarin Dosing Calc

Drug Tables / Other

Clinical concerns- Geriatric patient Drug-Food Interactions Drug- Grapefruit Interactions
Ideal body weight (IBW) AND Adjusted body weight calc Pharmacokinetics - Review Cytochrome P450 Analysis Tool
First order kinetics equation derivation Therapeutic Drug Levels  

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