Pharmacokinetics - Calculators, Tools, Etc.

Pharmacokinetics - Calculators, Tools, Etc.


Adjusted body weight (AjBW) and (IBW) calc
Aminoglycosides and Vanco (Original calc)

Clearance Equations

-CKD Epidemiology Collaboration (CKD-EPI)
-Creatinine Clearance Adult
-Creatinine Clearance- Pediatric
-CrCL- Obese Patient (Salazar and Corcoran)
-Creatinine Clearance - Multi-calc hot
-CrCL - Unstable Renal Function MULTI-calc
-CrCL -IDMS-traceable MDRD Study Equation
-Creatinine Clearance - Multi-calc 2012 EDITION

Cytochrome P450 Analysis Tool
Dosing by levels (Full)
Dosing by levels - pharmacokinetics (quick)
Non-Steady State kinetics

Pharmacokinetics -Multiple Ke (Advanced version)
Pharmacokinetics 2010 - 2011
Pharmacokinetic dosing -aminoglycosides/Vanco

Trough drawn early? - Estimation Tool
Vancomycin SINGLE Level-(dosing by levels) led
Vancomycin - Predicted Trough-Level drawn early

Aminoglycosides /Vancomycin Empiric Dosing

Aminoglycosides/ Vancomycin Calculator (Original calculator) Advanced Aminoglycoside - Vancomycin Multiple ke calculator Advanced Pharmacokinetic Dosing

Dosing By Levels

Dosing by levels (Full) - Enter two levels and associated times Dosing by levels(quick) - Enter two levels and the time between levels Dosing by levels(SINGLE) - Vancomycin -single level analysis hot
-------- Non-Steady State kinetics --------

New calculators

Based on input from one of our visitors (below), a new vancomycin program was created.
This new program can be used to determine when to administer the next dose of vancomycin after a supratherapeutic trough is obtained.  An estimated elimination rate constant is generated from the creatinine clearance which is then used to determine the timing of the next dose based on the desired target trough concentration.

Another version of this program was created to generate an estimated vancomycin kel value based on the creatinine clearance.  Use this program if the vancomcyin level is drawn early and you want to estimate the actual trough just before the next dose to determine if the current regimen is appropriate - link to new program..)

Trough calculator:
The following trough calculator used to predict the actual trough value if the level is drawn early.

Creatinine Clearance Calculators

CRCL - Adult - Multi-calc - Multiple clearance models calculated simultaneously hot CrCl - Pediatric - Three common pediatric clearance calculations calculated simultaneously Creatinine clearance - Unstable Renal Function MULTI-calc
Creatinine clearance -IDMS-traceable MDRD Study Equation Creatinine Clearance- Obese Patient (Salazar and Corcoran) Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemiology Collaboration (CKD-EPI) Calculatornew icon
  Creatinine Clearance - Multi-calc 2012 EDITION hot  

Heparin Dosing

Heparin Dosing Heparin Dosing- MC Dallas Hosp Heparin Dosing- Affinity Medical
  Heparin Dosing - Detroit VAMC  


APACHE II calculator Digoxin Dosing Calc Phenytoin Dosing Calc
  Renal Dosing Protocols Warfarin Dosing Calc
A warfarin maintenance adjustment tool was created. This new tool has a built-in database of warfarin maintenance regimens from 5 to 100mg.

Drug Tables / Other

Clinical concerns- Geriatric patient Drug-Food Interactions Drug- Grapefruit Interactions
Ideal body weight (IBW) AND Adjusted body weight calc Pharmacokinetics - Review Cytochrome P450 Analysis Tool
First order kinetics equation derivation Therapeutic Drug Levels  

Alphabetical Listing of individual drugs


Common LAB Values

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