Mortgage Calculators - balloon calculator, mortgage prepayment, prepayment versus investing

Mortgage Calculators

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1. Mortgage Calculator: Determine your monthly mortgage payment based on estimated taxes, loan amount,  and number of years
2. Email yourself a standard amortization schedule - based on the Interest rate, term, and amount. [Note: If prepaying or you require a desired payment, use link below]
3. Email yourself an amortization schedule -- use this program to send yourself a "desired" monthly payment if you want to pay your house off early, or are a first time home buyer
4. Generate an amortization schedule based on your "desired" monthly payment (NOT Emailed)
5. Advanced Mortgage calculator - allows you to enter prepayments as well as generate an amortization table
6. Original Mortgage calculator - allows you to enter prepayments as well as generate an amortization table 
7. Need a balloon mortgage?  See the Convertible Balloon Mortgage Calculator
8. Prepay your mortgage versus invest - Should you put any extra money you have each month towards your mortgage, or should you invest this money.
9. Compare two mortgages at the same time - (standard mortgage versus prepaying the mortgage)
10. Monthly Payment table generator - Generates a table with variable loan amounts and interest rates
11. Mortgage Qualification Calculator - Do you qualify?
12. How much home can you afford? This calculator will give you some estimates
13. Renting versus buying - Simple comparison
14. Prepayment calculator - UPDATED Take your current balance and look at your loan reduction. Does biweekly mortgages too. This calculator allows you to see how prepaying your mortgage reduces the length of your mortgage by putting in the current values for your loan.
15. Mortgage/Loan Duration - Calculate how long a loan will last with a set payment, or find how much to pay to end your loan at a certain time period.
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