Common medical terminology. Suffix, prefix, and root words.

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Prefixes, roots, suffixes  [ C ]

Prefix: A prefix is placed at the beginning of a word to modify or change its meaning. Pre means "before." Prefixes may also indicate a location, number, or time. 
: central part of a word.     
:  The ending part of a word that modifies the meaning of the word. Example: homeless. Root = 'home' and the suffix is 'less'. It can also refer to a condition, disease, disorder, or procedure.    

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arrow   Meaning
cac/o arrow   bad
calc/o arrow   calcium
calcane/o arrow   calcaneus (heel bone) 
calci/o arrow   calcium
calcul/o, -calculia arrow   to compute
cali/o arrow   calyx
calic/o arrow   calyx
calor/i arrow   heat 
campt/o arrow   bent 
capillar/o arrow   capillary (tiniest blood vessel) 
capn/o arrow   carbon dioxide 
-capnia arrow   carbon dioxide 
caps/o, capsul/o arrow   capsule, container 
carcin/o arrow   cancerous; cancer 
cari/o arrow   caries, rottenness
cardi/o arrow   heart
carp/o arrow   wrist bones (carpals) 
cata- arrow   down
-cataphasia arrow   affirmation 
cathar/o, cathart/o arrow   cleansing, purging 
-cathisia, -kathisia arrow   sitting 
caud/o arrow   tail; lower part of body 
caus/o arrow   burn; burning 
cauter/o arrow   heat; burn 
cav/o, cavit/o arrow   hollow, cavity 
cec/o arrow   cecum (first part of colon) 
-cele arrow   hernia
celi/o arrow   belly; abdomen v
-centesis arrow   surgical puncture to remove fluid 
centr/o arrow   center
cephal/o arrow   head
cerebell/o arrow   cerebellum (posterior part of the brain) 
cerebr/o arrow   cerebrum (largest part of the brain) 
cerumin/o arrow   cerumen
cervic/o arrow   neck; cervix (neck of uterus) 
-chalasia arrow   relaxation
-chalasis arrow   relaxation
cheil/o arrow   lip
chem/o arrow   drug; chemical 
-chezia arrow   defacation; elimination of wastes 
chir/o arrow   hand
chlor/o arrow   green
chlorhydr/o arrow   hydrochloric acid 
chol/e arrow   bile; gall 
cholangi/o arrow   bile; vessel 
cholecyst/o arrow   gallbladder
choledoch/o arrow   common bile duct 
cholesterol/o arrow   cholesterol
chondr/o arrow   cartilage
chore/o arrow   dance
chori/o arrow   chorion (outermost membrane of the fetus) 
chorion/o arrow   chorion
choroid/o arrow   choroid layer of eye 
-chroia arrow   skin coloration
chrom/o arrow   color
chron/o arrow   time
chrys/o arrow   gold 
chyl/o arrow   chyle 
chym/o arrow   to pour 
cib/o arrow   meal
-cide arrow   killing
-cidal arrow   pertaining to killing 
cine/o arrow   movement
circum- arrow   around
cirrh/o arrow   orange-yellow
cis/o arrow   to cut 
-clasis arrow   to break 
-clast arrow   to break 
claustr/o arrow   enclosed space 
clavicul/o arrow   clavicle (collar bone) 
cleid/o arrow   clavicle 
clin/o arrow   to slope, bend 
-clysis arrow   irrigation; washing 
coagul/o arrow   coagulation (clotting) 
-coccus arrow   berry-shaped bacterium 
coccyg/o arrow   coccyx (tail bone) 
cochle/o arrow   cochlea (inner part of ear) 
-coimesis arrow   sleeping 
col/o arrow   colon (large intestine) 
coll/a arrow   glue
colon/o arrow   colon (large intestine) 
colp/o arrow   vagina
comat/o arrow   deep sleep 
comi/o arrow   to care for 
-coma arrow   deep sleep 
con- arrow   together; with 
coni/o arrow   dust
conjunctiv/o arrow   conjuctiva (lines of eyelids) 
consci/o arrow   awareness, aware
constrict/o arrow   narrowing, binding
-constriction arrow   narrowing
contra- arrow   against; opposite 
contus/o arrow   to bruise
cor/o arrow   pupil
core/o arrow   pupil
corne/o arrow   cornea
coron/o arrow   crown or circle  (example:  Coron/ary arteries encircle the heart)
corpor/o arrow   body
cortic/o arrow   cortex, outer region 
cost/o arrow   rib
cox/o arrow   hip
crani/o arrow   skull
cras/o arrow   mixture; temperament 
crin/o arrow   secrete
-crine arrow   to secrete; separate 
-crit arrow   to separate
critic/o arrow   crisis, dangerous
cry/o arrow   cold
crypt/o arrow   hidden
cubit/o arrow   elbow, forearm
culd/o arrow   cul-de-sac
cupr/o arrow   copper
-cusis arrow   hearing
cutane/o arrow   skin
cyan/o arrow   blue
cycl/o arrow   ciliary body of eye; cycle; circle 
-cyesis arrow   pregnancy
cyst/o arrow   urinary bladder; cyst; sac of fluid 
cyt/o arrow   cell
-cyte arrow   cell
-cytosis arrow   condition of cells; slight increase in numbers 
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