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Medical Terminology Exam 19


The medical terminology exam series are a great way to test your knowledge. Initially we are releasing TWENTY exams... Good luck!

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[ 1 ] Quick Introduction.

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Exam 19

Question 1:  par- means
A: to bear; bring forth (live births)
B: two
C: other than; abnormal
D: condition
Question 2:  papill/o means
A: pelvis; hip region
B: vagina
C: chest
D: nipple-like; optic discs
Question 3:  Term for wasting away
A: -phthisis
B: -pthisis
C: -phithisis
D: -pthysis
Question 4:  radicul/o means
A: radioactivity
B: nerve root
C: pus
D: false
Question 5:  retin/o means
A: network
B: bursting forth (of blood)
C: flow; discharge
D: retina
Question 6:  scirrh/o means
A: red-orrange
B: to split
C: hard
D: crooked; bent
Question 7:  semi- means
A: wide
B: half
C: large
D: narrow
Question 8:  splen/o means
A: spleen
B: spine
C: sperm cells
D: globe shaped; round
Question 9:  tachy- means
A: abnormal
B: slow
C: new opening
D: fast
Question 10:  test/o means
A: testis
B: to study
C: tendon
D: put; place
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