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Medical Terminology Exam 12


The medical terminology exam series are a great way to test your knowledge. Initially we are releasing TWENTY exams... Good luck!

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[ 1 ] Quick Introduction.

[ 2 ] Word Building Reference: new icon   This is a great reference to help strengthen your understanding of medical terminology.  It contains close to 1000 words.....

[ 3 ]  Medical Terms - Singular versus plural rules

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Exam 12

Question 1:  aphth/o means
A: disease
B: ulcer
C: joint
D: incomplete
Question 2:  Term for dust
A: -dote
B: lux/o
C: -ose
D: coni/o
Question 3:  oxysm/o means
A: opposite
B: abnormal
C: sudden
D: oxygen
Question 4:  bol/o means
A: eyelid
B: small bone in nose
C: short
D: cast; throw
Question 5:  Term for lens of eye
A: phac/o
B: phag/o
C: blephar/o
D: bucc/o
Question 6:  chore/o means
A: to cut
B: gallbladder
C: irrigation
D: dance
Question 7:  dors/o means
A: back of body
B: front of body
C: above
D: below
Question 8:  Term for esophagus
A: eso-
B: esophag/o
C: phag/o
D: all of the above
Question 9:  Term for tongue
A: lamin/o
B: palat/o
C: gloss/o
D: spen/o
Question 10:  sider/o means
A: lateral
B: spleen
C: iron
D: sheath
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