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Medical Terminology Exam 03


The medical terminology exam series are a great way to test your knowledge. Initially we are releasing TWENTY exams... Good luck!

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[ 1 ] Quick Introduction.

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Exam 03

Question 1:  Term for gland
A: aden/o
B: adip/o
C: cali/o
D: steat/o
Question 2:  steth/o means
A: to listen to
B: strength
C: chest
D: lungs
Question 3:  stomat/o means
A: stomach
B: to stop
C: round
D: mouth
Question 4:  The term for near is
A: proxim/o
B: -pan
C: dors/o
D: acr/o
Question 5:  actin/o means
A: spark
B: light
C: starch
D: movement
Question 6:  scler/o means
A: backbone
B: white of eye
C: crooked
D: inner ear
Question 7:  Term for sword
A: bol/o
B: coni/o
C: xiph/o
D: there is no term
Question 8:  my/o means
A: pertaining to
B: movement
C: gland
D: muscle
Question 9:  Term for slow
A: brachi/o
B: brachy
C: brady
D: None of the above
Question 10:  Term for polyp
A: pol/o
B: polyp/o
C: poly
D: All of the above
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