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Enter drug's generic or brand name above. Results will appear here.  Note: all drug related information obtained on this page is provided by RXList.

Using the RXLIST web site:
(1) Enter the drug name in  the text box at the top of this page and hit ENTER

(2) The rxlist web site will open here  with the drug search completed. Next, scroll down the page to locate the link to the drug you are searching for and  then click  on  the link. Here is an example of a search for the drug altace:  In this example you would click on the RAMIPRIL link.

(3) Once you find the drug link and access it, use the tabs above the drug monograph to access the various screens. See example below (red arrows point to various options on this page) eg: clinical pharmacology; indications and dosage; side effects and drug interactions etc.


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