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Gas Guzzling Comparison Calculator

Enter the current gas guzzling MPG of that SUV you bought when gas was $1.49 a gallon, and then enter the new MPG of that new Prius you've been thinking about. Then enter your daily round-trip commute, your driving days per year and the number of years to add up. My default investment return is a reasonable 8%.     Have fun!

Current Gasoline Price (per Gallon): $  
MPG of a guzzler (typical conditions) mpg  
MPG of a sipper (typical conditions) mpg  
Your Daily Commute (Round Trip): miles  
Driving Days per year: days Typical work year is 250 days
Years to Calculate: years  
Investment Yield: % (Tip: Good stock pick if gas prices keep going up -- Oil companies!)
Gasoline Inflation: % Who knows what will happen with these prices!!


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