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Corrected Calcium calculator -correction for serum albumin conc
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Hypertonic and Normal Saline Calc (original)
Hypertonic Saline 3% and Normal Saline Infusion Calculatornew icon
Hypocalcemia - Calcium treatment Calculator(Beta)new icon
Magnesium Dosing
Osmolality (serum ) Calculator
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Serum Sodium Level Prediction - based on 0.9NS solution infusion
Sodium BICARBONATE deficit calculator
Sodium level correction for hyperglycemia
Urinary Indices - Renal failure index / FE-Na

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Anion Gap Body Fluid Volumes Corrected Calcium
Hypocalcemia - Calcium treatment Calculator(Beta)new icon Fractional excretion of sodium (FE-Na) , Renal Failure Index (RFI) [Urinary indices]  hot Free Water Deficit
Hypertonic and Normal Saline Calculator Magnesium Dosing - mild, moderate and severe deficiencies. Osmolarity Calculator - Millions of possibilities. Can 5 grams of MgSO4 in 50ml D5W be administered peripherally? hot
Osmolality Calculator - Inputs: sodium, glucose, BUN  Phosphate Dosing - mild, moderate and severe deficiencies. Serum Sodium Level Prediction (Normal saline infusion)
Sodium level correction -Hyperglycemia Sodium BICARBONATE deficit calculator  

Custom Saline Calculator

New custom sodium calculator released... This new tool was created based on important feedback from Dr. Shaw. Minor changes to the original calc were completed as well.
Robert F. Shaw, PharmD, MPH, BCPS, BCNSP
ICU Clinical Pharmacy Specialist  

".....The hypertonic saline calculator still did not meet what I was looking for, but I understand one calculator cannot fit every need and the inherent risks and liability with administration of 3% saline.

If I had the "perfect" calculator... I would want fields for:
starting Na
desired ending Na
choice of saline concentration 0.9% or 3%

This would provide how many ml of either 3% or 0.9% saline required to change the sodium to the desired value. This could further be defined if a meq/hr choice was provided of 0.5 meq/hr or 1 to give a infusion rate...."

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CaCl / Calcium gluc Magnesium sulfate Potassium & Na+ PO4
Potassium chloride Sodium Bicarb Sodium Chloride 3%

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