teriflunomide - AUBAGIO®

teriflunomide - AUBAGIO®

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DrugAUBAGIO ®(teriflunomide) tablets, for oral use
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Initial U.S. Approval:  2012

Mechanism of Action: Teriflunomide, an immunomodulatory agent with anti-inflammatory properties, inhibits dihydroorotate dehydrogenase, a mitochondrial enzyme involved in de novo pyrimidine synthesis. The exact mechanism by which teriflunomide exerts its therapeutic effect in multiple sclerosis is unknown but may involve a reduction in the number of activated lymphocytes in CNS.

INDICATIONS AND USAGE:  AUBAGIO is a pyrimidine synthesis inhibitor indicated for the treatment of patients with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis

The recommended dose of AUBAGIO is 7 mg or 14 mg orally once daily. AUBAGIO can be taken with or without food.

Monitoring to assess safety:
Obtain transaminase and bilirubin levels within 6 months before initiation of AUBAGIO therapy. Monitor ALT levels at least monthly for six months after starting AUBAGIO [see Warnings and Precautions (5.1)].
Obtain a complete blood cell count (CBC) within 6 months before the initiation of treatment with AUBAGIO. Further monitoring should be based on signs and symptoms of infection [see Warnings and Precautions (5.4)].
Prior to initiating AUBAGIO, screen patients for latent tuberculosis infection with a tuberculin skin test or blood test for mycobacterium tuberculosis infection [see Warnings and Precautions (5.4)].
Check blood pressure before start of AUBAGIO treatment and periodically thereafter [see Warnings and Precautions (5.7)].

See full prescribing information for complete boxed warning

Severe hepatic impairment
Current leflunomide treatment

HOW SUPPLIED: 7 mg and 14 mg film-coated tablets

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