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Dual Image Flip Generator
This document Copyright 2001-2005 D.McAuley All Rights Reserved
Minimum number of entries are in yellow
Enter main images here Enter location of mouseover images Enter location of image that will change the second image (eg original dual image at very bottom
Image 1 off image 1 on dual1 on
Image 2 off image 2 on dual2 on
Image 3 off image 3 on dual3 on
Image 4 off image 4 on dual4 on
Image 5 off image 5 on dual5 on
Image 6 off image 6 on dual6 on
Original dual image


My name is image 1 off Powered by Dave's Dual Image Flip Program
My name is Original dual image
My name is image 2 off
My name is image 3 off
My name is image 4 off


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