Conventional Units - International Units

Using this table: To convert from a conventional unit to a SI Unit, multiply  by the conversion factor listed (eg Albumin  3 g/dl  x 10 = 30 g/L.   To convert from SI Units to conventional units, divide by the listed conversion factor.

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Agent Conventional Unit Conversion Factor SI Unit  
Acetaminophen µg/mL 6.62 µmol/L top
Acetoacetic acid mg/dL 0.098 mmol/L  
Acetone mg/dL 0.172 mmol/L  
Alanine mg/dL 112.2 µmol/L  
Albumin g/dL 10 g/L  
Aldosterone ng/dL 0.0277 nmol/L  
Aluminum ng/mL 0.0371 µmol/L  
Aminobutyric acid mg/dL 97 µmol/L  
Amitriptyline ng/mL 3.61 nmol/L  
Ammonia (as NH3) µg/dL 0.587 µmol/L  
Androstenedione ng/dL 0.0349 nmol/L  
Angiotensin I pg/mL 0.772 pmol/L  
Angiotensin II pg/mL 0.957 pmol/L  
Anion gap mEq/L 1.0 mmol/L  
Antidiuretic hormone pg/mL 0.923 pmol/L  
Antithrombin III mg/dL 10 mg/L  
alpha1-Antitrypsin mg/dL 0.184 µmol/L  
Apolipoprotein A mg/dL 0.01 g/L  
Apolipoprotein B mg/dL 0.01 g/L  
Arginine mg/dL 57.4 µmol/L  
Asparagine mg/dL 75.7 µmol/L  
Bicarbonate mEq/L 1.0 mmol/L top
Bilirubin mg/dL 17.1 µmol/L  
Bromide mg/dL 0.125 mmol/L  
C-peptide ng/mL 0.333 nmol/L top
C1 esterase inhibitor mg/dL 10 mg/L  
C3 complement mg/dL 0.01 g/L  
C4 complement mg/dL 0.01 g/L  
Calcitonin pg/mL 1.0 ng/L  
Calcium mg/dL 0.25 mmol/L  
  mEq/L 0.50 mmol/L  
Carbon dioxide mEq/L 1.0 mmoI/L  
Carotene µg/dL 0.0186 µmol/L  
Ceruloplasmin mg/dL 10 mg/L  
Chloride mEq/L 1.0 mmol/L  
Cholesterol mg/dL 0.0259 mmol/L  
Citrate mg/dL 52.05 µmol/L  
Copper µg/dL 0.157 µmoI/L  
Coproporphyrins (urine) µg/24 hr 1.527 nmol/d  
Corticotropin (ACTH) pg/mL 0.22 pmol/L  
Cortisol µg/dL 27.59 nmol/L  
Cotinine ng/mL 5.68 nmol/L  
Creatine mg/dL 76.26 µmol/L  
Creatinine mg/dL 88.4 µmol/L  
Creatinine clearance mL/min 0.0167 mL/s  
Cyanide mg/L 23.24 µmol/L  
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) ng/mL 3.47 nmol/L top
Desipramine ng/mL 3.75 nmol/L  
Diazepam µg/mL 3.512 µmol/L  
Digoxin ng/mL 1.281 nmol/L  
Epinephrine pg/mL 5.46 pmol/L top
Estradiol pg/mL 3.671 pmol/L  
Estriol ng/mL 3.467 nmol/L  
Estrone ng/dL 37 pmoI/L  
Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) mg/dL 0.217 mmol/L  
Ethylene glycol mg/L 16.11 µmol/L  
Ferritin ng/mL 2.247 pmol/L top
alpha -Fetoprotein ng/mL 1.0 µg/L  
Fibrinogen mg/dL 0.0294 µmol/L  
Fluoride µg/mL 52.6 µmol/L  
Folate ng/mL 2.266 nmol/L  
Follicle-stimulating hormone mIU/mL 1.0 IU/L  
Fructose mg/dL 55.5 µmol/L  
Galactose mg/dL 55.506 µmol/L top
Glucagon pg/mL 1.0 ng/L  
Glucose mg/dL 0.0555 mmol/L  
Glutamine mg/dL 68.42 µmol/L  
Glycated hemoglobin (glycosylated
hemoglobin A1, A1C)
% of total
0.01 Proportion of total
Glycerol (free) mg/dL 108.59 µmol/L  
Glycine mg/dL 133.3 µmol/L  
Haptoglobin mg/dL 0.10 µmol/L top
Hematocrit % 0.01 Proportion
of 1.0
Hemoglobin (whole blood)
Mass concentration
g/dL 10.0 g/L  
High-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) mg/dL 0.0259 mmol/L  
Histidine mg/dL 64.45 µmol/L  
Homocysteine (total) mg/L 7.397 µmol/L  
Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) mlU/mL 1.0 IU/L  
Hydroxybutyric acid mg/dL 96.05 µmol/L  
Hydroxyproline mg/dL 76.3 µmol/L  
Immunoglobulin A (IgA) mg/dL 0.01 g/L top
Immunoglobulin D (IgD) mg/dL 10 mg/L  
Immunoglobulin E (IgE) mg/dL 10 mg/L  
Immunoglobulin G (IgG) mg/dL 0.01 g/L  
Immunoglobulin M (IgM) mg/dL 0.01 g/L  
Insulin µIU/mL 6.945 pmol/L  
Iron, total µg/dL 0.179 µmol/L  
Iron binding capacity, total µg/dL 0.179 µmol/L  
lsoleucine mg/dL 76.24 µmol/L  
lsopropanol mg/L 0.0166 mmol/L  
Lactate (lactic acid) mg/dL 0.111 mmol/L top
Lactate dehydrogenase
isoenzymes (LD1-LD5)
% 0.01 Proportion of 1.0  
Lead µg/dL 0.0483 µmol/L  
Leucine mg/dL 76.237 µmol/L  
Lipids (total) mg/dL 0.01 g/L  
Lipoprotein (a) mg/dL 0.0357 µmol/L  
Lithium mEq/L 1.0 mmol/L  
Low-density lipoprotein
cholesterol (LDL-C)
mg/dL 0.0259 mmol/L  
Lysine mg/dL 68.5 µmol/L  
Magnesium mg/dL 0.411 mmol/L top
  mEq/L 0.50 mmol/L  
Manganese ng/mL 18.2 nmol/L  
Methanol mg/L 0.0312 mmol/L  
Methionine mg/dL 67.02 µmol/L  
Myoglobin µg/L 0.0571 nmol/L  
Nicotine mg/L 6.164 µmol/L top
Nitrogen, nonprotein mg/dL 0.714 mmol/L  
Norepinephrine pg/mL 0.00591 nmol/L  
Ornithine mg/dL 75.67 µmol/L top
Osteocalcin µg/L 0.171 nmol/L  
Oxalate mg/L 11.1 µmol/L  
Parathyroid hormone pg/mL 1.0 ng/L top
Phenobarbital mg/L 4.31 µmol/L  
Phenylalanine mg/dL 60.54 µmol/L  
Phenytoin µg/mL 3.96 µmoI/L  
Phosphorus mg/dL 0.323 mmol/L  
Plasminogen mg/dL 0.113 µmol/L  
Plasminogen activator inhibitor mIU/mL 1.0 IU/L  
Platelets (thrombocytes) x 103/µL 1.0 x 109/L  
Potassium mEq/L 1.0 mmoI/L  
Pregnanetriol (urine) mg/24 h 2.97 µmol/d  
Progesterone ng/mL 3.18 nmol/L  
Prolactin µg/L 43.478 pmol  
Proline mg/dL 86.86 µmol/L  
Prostate-specific antigen ng/mL 1.0 µg/L  
Protein, total g/dL 10.0 g/L  
Prothrombin g/L 13.889 µmol/L  
Protoporphyrin, erythrocyte µg/dL 0.01777 µmol/L  
Pyruvate mg/dL 113.6 µmoI/L  
Quinidine µg/mL 3.08 µmol/L top
Red blood cell count x 106/µL 1.0 x 1012/L top
Renin pg/mL 0.0237 pmol/L  
Salicylate mg/L 0.00724 mmol/L top
Serine mg/dL 95.2 µmol/L  
Serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine) ng/mL 0.00568 µmol/L  
Sodium mEq/L 1.0 mmol/L  
Somatomedin-C (insulinlike growth factor) ng/mL 0.131 nmol/L (coagulation factor II)  
Somatostatin pg/mL 0.611 pmol/L  
Testosterone ng/dL 0.0347 nmol/L top
Theophylline µg/mL 5.55 µmol/L  
Thiocyanate mg/L 17.2 µmol/L  
Threonine mg/dL 83.95 µmol/L  
Thyroglobulin ng/mL 1.0 µg/L  
Thyroxine, free (T4) ng/dL 12.87 pmol/L  
Thyroxine, total (T4) µg/dL 12.87 nmol/L  
Transferrin mg/dL 0.01 g/L  
Triglycerides mg/dL 0.0113 mmol/L  
     Free (T3) pg/dL 0.0154 pmol/L  
     Total (T3) ng/dL 0.0154 nmol/L  
Troponin I (cardiac) ng/mL 1.0 µg/L  
Troponin T (cardiac) ng/mL 1.0 µg/L  
Tryptophan mg/dL 48.97 µmol/L  
Tyrosine mg/dL 55.19 µmol/L  
Urea nitrogen mg/dL 0.357 mmol/L top
Uric acid mg/dL 59.48 µmol/L  
Valine mg/dL 85.5 µmol/L top
Vasoactive intestinal
pg/mL 1.0 ng/L  
Vitamin A (retinol) µg/dL 0.0349 µmoI/L  
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) ng/mL 4.046 nmol/L  
Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) pg/mL 0.738 pmol/L  
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) mg/dL 56.78 µmol/L  
Vitamin D        
    1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D pg/mL 2.6 pmol/L  
    25-Hydroxyvitamin D ng/mL 2.496 nmol/L  
Vitamin E mg/dL 23.22 µmoI/L  
Vitamin K ng/mL 2.22 nmol/L  
Warfarin µg/mL 3.247 µmol/L top
White blood cell count x 103/µL 1.0 x 109/L  
Zinc µg/dL 0.153 µmoI/L top
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