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1) DuBois D, DuBois DF. A formula to estimate the approximate surface area if height and weight be known.  Arch Int Med 1916;17:863-71.

Equation:  BSA (m2) = 0.007184 x Height(cm)0.725 x Weight(kg)0.425

2) Gehan EA, George SL. Estimation of human body surface area from height and weight. Cancer Chemother Rep 1970;54:225-35.

Equation:  BSA (m2) = 0.0235 x Height(cm)0.42246 x Weight(kg)0.51456

3) Haycock GB, Schwartz GJ, Wisotsky DH. Geometric method for measuring body surface area: A height-weight formula validated in infants, children and adults.  J Pediatr 1978;93:62-6.

 Equation:  BSA (m2) = 0.024265 x Height(cm)0.3964 x Weight(kg)0.5378

4) Mosteller RD. Simplified calculation of body-surface area. N Engl J Med 1987;317:1098.

Equation:  BSA (m2) = SQR RT ( [Height(cm) x Weight(kg) ]/ 3600 )



Recommended references/reading:

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Verbraecken J, Van de Heyning P, De Backer W, Van Gaal L. Body surface area in normal-weight, overweight, and obese adults. A comparison study. Metabolism. 2006 Apr;55(4):515-24. 

"Body surface area prediction with the commonly used DuBois formula underestimated BSA in obese patients by as much as 3% (male) to 5% (female)."

"The Du Bois formula was challenged in 1970 by Gehan and George who directly measured the skin surface area of 401 individuals. They found that the Du Bois formula over-estimated body surface area by 15% in ~15% of cases..." - See citation

"We recommend the Gehan-George equation, however, because it is based on direct measurements in over 400 subjects, including both children and adults. "
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