Infectious Disease


Infectious Disease Database

[ A - B - C ]
Anti-herpetic agents Antifungals Bites
Boil - Abscess - Furuncle Breast abscess/mastitis Bronchitis
Cellulitis Chancroid Cholecystitis
[ D - E - F - G ]
Decubitus Ulcer Dental infection Dermatologic infections
Diverticulitis Endocarditis Epididymo-orchitis
Foot infections Gangrene Gastroenteritis (Including C.Diff)
[ H - L ]
HIV agents Helicobacter Pylori Hepatic Abscess
Herpes simplex Lice Lyme Disease
[ M - N - O ]
Meningitis Neutropenia (febrile), High risk. Ophthalmic agents
Orchitis Osteomyelitis Otitis Media
[  P ]
Pancreatic abscess Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) Peri-rectal abscess
Pericarditis Peritonitis Pharyngitis
Pneumonia Pneumonia (community-acquired) CAP Pneumonia (Hospital-acquired) HAP
Pneumonia (Aspiration) Pneumonia (Ventilator associated - VAP) Prostatitis
[  Q - R - S ]
Sepsis (unknown source) Septic Arthritis Sinusitis
[  T - U - V ]
Tooth infection Tuberculosis agents Urinary tract infections
[  W - X - Y - Z ]
Wound infections    
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