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IRA /401 (k) / 403(b) Retirement Calculation

IRA/401(k)/403(b) Retirement Calculation

Updated October 1997 - Require minimum withdrawals using the IRS single life expectancy table. At 70 1/2 you are forced to withdraw the minimum. Note that joint life minimums withdrawals would be smaller, as would MDIB (Minimum Distribution Incidental Benefit) minimums. For more information on minimum withdrawals, see IRS Publication 590.

Also now adds 10% withdrawal penalty for before 59 1/2.

Find out how much to put away tax deferred to get a certain amount of money in the future, and how much you could expect to draw out of that money. Just put in some numbers to see what I am talking about!

Beginning Balance of Account
Monthly contribution
Current Age
Years until retirement
Estimated annual pre-retirement yield (%)
Estimated annual retirement yield (%)
Estimated annual inflation (%)
Estimated annual contribution increase(%)
Desired future monthly withdrawal amount (current dollars)


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